This is a short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about Hanoi Nest Seekers as well as our services or if you need assistance, please contact our support center!

Q1: Where is the main operating area of Hanoi Nest Seekers?

A: We are specialized in consulting for house/apartment renting in
Hanoi, Vietnam, and mainly in Tay Ho area. This is an ideal area
with many offices, shops and serviced apartments for foreigners and
expats’ communities. The atmosphere and air around West Lake is very
pure, so many foreigners love living in Tay Ho area.

Q2: What kind of housing/accommodation are in your property listing?

A: Our property listing includes serviced apartments and
complex/compound apartments in Hanoi area. Around this time, there
are various types of apartments in Hanoi, which can meet your
requirements of prices, hobbies and services.

Q3: When do I have to contact Hanoi Nest Seekers to find an apartment/house?

A: Ideally, you’d better contact us around 1 – 2 months prior to your
estimated moving out date. However, in urgent cases, we are still
capable of assisting you through our Facebook Fanpage.

Q4: Why choosing Hanoi Nest Seekers as our rental consultants?/ Why HNS?

A: Hanoi Nest Seekers is a team of customer-oriented, reliable and
responsible individuals, who love Hanoi so much and would like to
bring the feelings of this beloved city to our clients. With a 24/7
assistance, we are always ready to save time and efforts for many
clients in finding their perfect Hanoi cozy “nests” in the most
professional but friendly way.

Q5: How do you proceed with an apartment renting consultancy service?

A: You can send us a DM or an email for inquiry. Based on your
requirements, we will consult you with appropriate and available
options. If you agree, we will book appointments and bring you to
the apartments you like, for inspecting/checking the updated

After that, if you choose an apartment for yourself, we will help
you and the landlords come to an agreement and balance your needs.
You will pay a bond/deposit for keeping that apartment, then sign a
contract with the landlord. We will assist you before, during and
even after you move in.

Q6: Who are your main targeted customers and business partners?

A: They are the clients and partners that Hanoi Nest Seekers used to
find homes and cooperate with. Also, our main clients are young
locals and foreigners – expats who have lived in Vietnam for quite a
long time as well as newly arrived to our country. If you recently
moved to Vietnam, we will give you advices and consultancy based on
various types of apartments, then you will be able to pick the most
suitable ones.
Regarding business partners, Hanoi Nest Seekers has successfully and
continuously cooperated with many house owners and apartment
management companies in Hanoi.

Q7: What should I consider for renting an apartment in Hanoi if I just arrived here?

A: No. We do provide numerous options with all types of budget for
our clients – we will talk to our clients about their detailed
budget when we first consult them. Therefore, our property listing
includes both luxury and budget apartments/accommodation

Q8: Do you only propose luxury apartments in Hanoi area?

A: No. We do provide numerous options with all types of budget for
our clients. We will talk to understand more details about clients
and their demands for the most appropriate consultancy. Based on
that information, we can totally see what types of apartments will
be suitable for those clients. One of the factors that we are proud
of ourselves, is the capacity to “feel” our clients even when we are
consulting online. Of course, we always want to meet our clients
face-to-face, to be able to give them the most accurate

Q9: How long is a renting contract that I need to sign for?

A: Hanoi Nest Seekers’ vision focuses on the stability and
settlement for clients, because most of them come to Hanoi to live
and work. Apartments can be available for rent in 6 months or more,
mostly 12 months, but can also be longer. Please contact Hanoi Nest
Seekers agents for more information – by sending us a DM or an

Q10: What types of fees do I have to pay while renting an apartment in Hanoi?

A: These are the most basic fees you need to prepare for paying
while renting an apartment in Hanoi:
– Rental fees ( 3months payment up front or 6 months payment up
– Utility bills (monthly), for example: electricity, water, Internet
(some are free) …
For more details, please kindly ask and carefully check the renting
contract terms and conditions for the additional fees before you
decide to rent an apartment, to avoid any unwanted conflicts with
your landlords!

Q11: Do we need to pay any consultancy fee/service fee to Hanoi Nest Seekers?

A: No. You don’t need to pay any fees for Hanoi Nest Seekers agents,
as our consultancy is totally free for renting clients. About
landlords, please kindly contact them for more information!


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